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Tai Chi and Circle Dance in Bramhall, Timperley, and Bollington

World Circle Dance - Try something different

The only way to really find out about Circle Dance is to come along and have a go. Circle Dance is a great antidote to stress. Its also good exercise but we don't focus on that part! Some people might say circle dance feeds the mind and soul as well as the body. Or you might just think of it as enjoying dancing with friends.

If you like to hide at the back of the class circle dance may not be for you. For a start, there is no back of the class - because we are in a circle or a wavy line. Secondly it isn't so much a class as a group activity. It may feel a little strange at first, but your body will pick up the basic steps after a few weeks, and everyone is there to help. 

However you experience it, for an hour and a half you can get so involved in the dancing that everyday concerns can be put aside for a little while. (NB. You can take a rest at any time. Each dance is separate from the last and will be taught).

In a session you could do any of the following:

Recreate the atmosphere and fun of an Eastern European village dance celebration

Enjoy the music (international, enlivening, inspiring, reminiscent of holidays perhaps)

Absorb new steps and new ways to move your body

Experience a feeling of connection to other people

Get exercise without noticing

Feel energised (there will always be a mix of energising and relaxing dances)

Have fun (no partners needed, most dances done in a circle).

If you have any questions you'd like to ask before you come, please call me, Terri, on 01625 528609  or  07713 681439


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NB. We always have a mix of dances, with some easy ones and one or two more challenging. If you let me know you are coming for the first time I can make sure we have plenty of easier dances on the program.

Adults of all ages welcome

Flat shoes recommended


World Circle Dance -  A little more detail

Circle dance or World Dance is a community activity for all ages. Partners aren't needed as we dance in a group, which is sociable, good exercise and fun. There is also a deeper element of finding ones own centre in the dance, while at the same time being aware of others in the group.

Dances are a combination of traditional international folk dances danced in lines or circles (many from Eastern Europe), and some more modern choreographed dances set to lovely international music.

The dances are usually done in a circle linking hands or arms (there are a number of  different ways of doing this) and sometimes hands free.  Sometimes we dance in an open circle ie horseshoe shaped, since many traditional dances from Greece, Brittany and Bulgaria for example are done this way, or sometimes in a short line.

Every dance is taught before it is danced so it is easy to sit out and rest if you need to. In an hour and a half session we include 10 or 11 dances with a variety of speed, style and complexity. Most dances can be broken down into fairly simple basic steps and the program will be chosen depending on the abilities and preferences of the group. Expect some to seem simple while others challenge you.

Circle Dance can be done by all ages and enjoyed by both men and women. It’s not necessary to have experience of dance although a sense of rhythm can be very helpful, and awareness of others in the group is also important. In fact in general its much more important to be aware of your space in the group than to get the steps perfect.

Although we include many dances that may be in the repertoire of local international folk dance groups, we are more interested in the personal benefits of taking part than in performance which we only do when there is opportunity to invite people to join in.

Realistically, the majority of dancers in the UK are women (nothing new there) and there are fewer younger dancers than there used to be. But in order to change this we need a few younger dancers willing to come along and try it ..... you might be surprised

Circle Dance - Where can I dance?

My Regular Groups

BRAMHALL  The Bramley Centre, Bramhall, Stockport SK7 2DT

Every week - Tuesday afternoons 1.30 - 3.00pm 

(No sessions in August). 

In April 2018 we celebrated the 10th birthday of the group!

Beginners and experienced dancers all welcome whether you can come every week or only occasionally.

Flexible program, many dances selected with beginners in mind. Learn at your own pace (no set course to follow) ...learn the basic steps as you dance....every dance is taught....program includes a mix of repeated dances and new challenges.  

Cost £6 per session  

Ring  01625 528609  or 07713 681439 or just turn up. Flat shoes recommended. No two weeks will be the same so if you are a beginner it is best to let me know you are coming so that I can be sure to bring a typical selection of dances for you to try.



Village Club, 268 Stockport Road, Timperley WA15 7UT    (upstairs room)                     

2nd Friday of every month    8.00pm to 9.30pm

Experienced dancers and beginners welcome. 

Ring  01625 528609 \ 07713 681439   for more details.


 Other Groups in the Manchester area

CHORLTON   Weekly Tuesday evening 7.30 - 9.00pm during Term Time               Contact    Wendy Turner        0161 485 8848   

Teaching is provided alternately by four local teachers including myself, and as we all have our own teaching styles the group benefits from much variety and energy. 

TIMPERLEY  Thursday afternoon group weekly 1.30 - 3.30pm   

(Used to be the SALE group)                                                                                 Contact Pauline Baillie    0161 282 1536                                        


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