Mindful Exercise

Tai Chi and Circle Dance in Bramhall, Timperley, and Bollington


Circle Dance Links                                         

http://www.paulboizot.com/                                                                                                                              A mine of information on music sources with links to other Circle dance sites

http://costasthegreek.co.uk/                                                                         Greek musician (see video page)

 Tai Chi Links

http://www.deyin-taiji.com/ and http://www.taichilink.co.uk/ (shop)             Deyin Taijiquan Institute - Master Faye Yip 

http://www.healthqigong.org.uk/                                                                              British Health Qigong Association

http://www.taichiunion.com/                                                                                     Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

http://taichi18.com/                                                                                                  Master Wing Cheungs site all about Shibashi, Shibashi DVD


Other Links

http://www.kevanowen.com/                                                                 Hypnotherapy based in Chorlton, Wilmslow and Hale





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