Mindful Exercise

Tai Chi and Circle Dance in Bramhall, Timperley, and Bollington

Terri Owen  (formerly Terri Goron)


My Tai Chi, Teaching and Circle Dance qualifications.

I am a qualified Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor with Deyin Taijiquan Institute and British Health Qigong Association, and am a current member of the Tai Chi Union (2018). I have been teaching Tai Chi since 2008.                                         More detail on terriowen.com site. 

I have a City and Guilds FE teaching certificate. 

I have been teaching Circle Dance since 2001, having regularly participated in Circle Dance and International Folk Dance training sessions since 1995.

Circle Dance is a mixture of international folk dance and choreographed or meditative dance. It has links to Tai Chi in that it is a Mindful form of exercise, which aims to recreate a village dance atmosphere rather than to perform to an audience. I like to balance my choice of dances and enable people to enjoy dancing while looking after and focusing on their whole body, as well as enjoying the music and having fun. All dances are taught, no partners are needed, and each program is selected depending on the abilities and interests of the group.


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